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Counter the negative effects of a sedentary workplace and turn your desk, table, or even kitchen counter top into an ergonomic standing workstation!

Get all of the health benefits of a standing desk with this fully adjustable laptop and  monitor stand.  Designed to optimise your working environment and emphasise proper posture.  The i-stand helps to reduce discomfort and repetitive strain that can be caused by a poor desk setup.

Not only for standing, the i-stand raises your laptop screen to the correct height when sitting. Ensuring correct posture is maintained helping to prevent shoulder, neck and wrist strain.

Made with furniture grade birch ply the i-stand is not only functional but has a modern stylish design and can be packed away flat when not in use.

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LIFT Standing Desk


The Lift Standing Desk is available in a number of custom lengths to fit your space. The compact home workstation is 1,200mm long with larger sizes available to fit your needs. Three height settings give you the option to sit, stand or use at bar height.

Studio Desk