Environmentally Friendly Home & Office Furniture

Ensuring the products we buy are sustainable is one of the key strategies that organisations and individuals alike can do to play a role in helping to mitigate climate change. Find out more about our commercial and residential office furniture.

Sustainable Furniture  for home & office
Eco-friendly, sustainable furniture that is designed to last.  Using the opendesk framework we provide functional, durable, stylish furniture. Furniture that eliminates the concept of waste by helping to ensure products remain in perpetual cycles of use and reuse from one product use cycle to the next.

Made with Sustainable Materials

Furniture is crafted from FSC certified Baltic Birch plywood, sourced from sustainably managed Northern European forests. A renewable & natural resource.


Designed to Last a Lifetime

Designed to last a lifetime in a commercial setting. Using the  open design model all products are made to be continually used, disassembled and then reused again with fully replaceable parts.


Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

We are a Carbon Neutral company & are environmentally conscious in all that we do. From the materials we use, the products we manufacture, &  every company process.

Carbon Neutral Organisation

Beautiful minimalist furniture for the environmentally conscious customer

Style & Functionality


Beautiful and minimalist Baltic birch furniture for your home office. Natural Birch has an elegance to it, thanks to its smooth, pale grain with a warm tone. Naturally light in finish it gives a wonderful bright airy and minimalistic look to any room.
Sustainable Home and Office Office Furniture

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Linnea Bookshelf

The Linnea Bookshelf is a lightweight, elegant shelving system which takes inspiration from traditional joinery.
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Stylish, functional and sustainable
home office furniture.

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Tables (13)

Durable & Eco-Friendly


Not only does birch furniture ply create a stylish and unique look, it’s also incredibly hard-wearing. Weight for weight it is stronger than steel in static bending strength. Wood is not only a natural and aesthetically pleasing material for any work space, it is an easy material to maintain and repair.


Sustainable furniture for offices,
restaurants, cafes and more